Input filters

Posted on August 22nd, 2008


VirtualDub exposes a new application programming interface (API) for a new type of plugin, input drivers!
Support for these input drivers has been introduced with v1.7.2, and SDK updated with v1.8.1, so older versions of VirtualDub won’t be able to use it.
Input filters allow to support some new input video and audio formats, so that input files not in AVI or MPEG1 file formats may be processed in VirtualDub. This filters are input filters only; it doesn’t allow to output/save/render to new formats.


Input filters can be loaded creating a folder named “Plugins32” in VirtualDub’s program folder, and placing the “plugin_name.vdplugin” files into that folder. VirtualDub will find and use the plugins automatically, and the corresponding video file formats will be available in the “Open video file…” dialog. Some plugins may offer some extended options and display it if “Ask for extended options after this dialog” is checked.

Check the VirtualDub website for the Plugin SDK for writing your own input filter if you are a developper.

Input filters list

  • DirectShow Input Driver v0.5 (by Avery Lee): support all of the video files read with Windows Media Player.
  • MPEG-2 Plugin v3.1 (by fccHandler): support MPEG-2 file format and VOB files. This plugin now replaces VirtualDub-MPEG2, which developpment has been stopped.
  • WMV Plugin v1.7 (by fccHandler): support Windows Media file format and WMV, WMA and ASF files. There are no decompressors in the plugin itself. You must have the proper codecs installed on your system to decompress the video and audio streams. This plugin now replaces VirtualDub-MPEG2, which developpment has been stopped.
  • AC-3 Plugin v1.2 (by fccHandler): support AC-3 audio format.
  • FLIC Plugin v1.0 (by fccHandler): support Autodesk Animator FLI and FLC files.
  • FLV Plugin v1.1.0 (by Moitah): support FLV files. H.263 and VP6 video are supported. MP3 and PCM audio are supported.
  • QuickTime Plugin v0.2.0.0 (by Tateu): support QuickTime files at MOV and MP4 file formats.

VirtualDub Plugin Pack

The VirtualDub Plugin Pack (VDPP) is exclusive.
It is a pack including the most commonly used input filters, available both in English and French.
For more details, please read the post VirtualDub Plugin Pack.

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External video filters

Posted on August 22nd, 2008


VirtualDub exposes an application programming interface (API) that allows video filters to be written as plugins, extending the video filtering capabilities of the program. Such plugins can include effect plugins that render on top of the video, such as adding an animated logo or titles, or add noise reduction, motion compensation, and deinterlacing capabilities.


Video filters can be loaded on the spot by using the “Load…” button on the Add Filters dialog, but for filters that you use frequently, an easier way is to place them in the “plugins” folder inside the VirtualDub program directory. Any .vdf files in this folder are automatically loaded on startup, and the plugins within added to the available list. Note that VirtualDub does not currently support video filters written to a standard other than its own API.

Check the VirtualDub website for downloadable documentation and C++ header files for writing your own video filter.

External video filters list

A List of about 130 video filters for VirtualDub is available at Dee Mon’s website.
Many video filters are available too on the honorary filter website mantained by Donald Graft.

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Convert MOV/RM/WMV files to AVI

Posted on August 21st, 2008

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Increase the volume in a video file

Posted on August 21st, 2008

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Coming Soon

Posted on August 18th, 2008

Work in progress…

Until the release day, you have to go to the translator’s website in order to download VirtualDub:

Thanks you and…

Have Fun 😉


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