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Posted on August 22nd, 2008


VirtualDub exposes an application programming interface (API) that allows video filters to be written as plugins, extending the video filtering capabilities of the program. Such plugins can include effect plugins that render on top of the video, such as adding an animated logo or titles, or add noise reduction, motion compensation, and deinterlacing capabilities.


Video filters can be loaded on the spot by using the “Load…” button on the Add Filters dialog, but for filters that you use frequently, an easier way is to place them in the “plugins” folder inside the VirtualDub program directory. Any .vdf files in this folder are automatically loaded on startup, and the plugins within added to the available list. Note that VirtualDub does not currently support video filters written to a standard other than its own API.

Check the VirtualDub website for downloadable documentation and C++ header files for writing your own video filter.

External video filters list

A List of about 130 video filters for VirtualDub is available at Dee Mon’s website.
Many video filters are available too on the honorary filter website mantained by Donald Graft.

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